Consulted Dr. Prabhakar Shendye for my Acid Refluxproblem. I had mild acidity problem for couple of years but it became severe when I moved to US in march 2020. Iconsulted Gastroentrenologist here in the US and she put me on Prilosec which is harmful for long term use. That is when I decided to go for ayurvedic solution for my problem and visited dr Shendye in December 2020 on friend's recommendation. He prescribed me medicines for 8 months and also advised the life style changes or "Pathya" I need to follow during the treatment. It's been two months of the treatment and I must say I feel much much better now. I can say 50% of recovery and its been 1 month I have not taken any antacid or PPI. I feel very confident about the treatment and recovery now. Can't thankdr. Shendye enough ! The best part of the treatment is he will always give you alternatives. In my case Panchkarma treatment was not possible because of the location limitations but he still guided me to take castor oil as home alternative to in clinic panchakarma treatment to remove excess "pitta" from body.

I visited Dr. Swarali for my gynaec problems and i ve had excellent results. The medicines also helped me to improve my sleep. The doctor aims at medicinal help and suggest few daily routine changes for long term recovery. I wish her all the best forever ❤️. Thank u so much.

I have a very nice experience with Vaidya Swarali Shendye. I have done "Panchakarma" last month after which my joint pain has disappeared. My digestion problems are also gone in short period of time. …

I had been having breathing issues due to a narrow airway and nasal polyps, I use to have a lot of trouble sleeping hence I then started using prescribed steroid sprays everyday. Then after trying everything we thought of Ayurvedic therapy hence I visited the clinic and then I was suggested to do Nasya treatment. I took the treatment at ths clinic for 7 days it was carried out very systematically and helped to stop using steroid sprays. Since then I have been using the nasya oil and steam instead of the sprays and my sleep has improved I also take lesser time to fall asleep. NASYA has really helped me.

My experience with this clinic has been very good. Dr. Swarali explaines everything in a very clear manner and is kind and friendly which I think is a must quality for a doctor. She also regularly shares health and Ayurveda updates through WhatsApp and webinars which is really helpful and informative.

I consulted Dr. Prabhakar and Dr. Swarali (Mostly Dr. Swarali) for chronic headache over last few months and I have been benefited to a great extent. Both the doctors are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Most importantly they are realistic about what’s possible with the treatment and what’s not. Best wishes to Dr. Swarali, Dr. Prabhakar and Yashaprabha clinic for the future.

One of the bestAyurvedic treatment clinic. I tell everyone about this clinic. The team of doctor's is very nice. Explain everything neatly. This greatly reduces the patient's fears about the disease. I like this clinic.

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